Shiro, and our anniversary

On our first wedding anniversary, I went overboard …. trying to decide on a place to celebrate. After thumbing my food guides, reading online reviews and preparing a cost-benefit excel sheet (yes, I do that too, and no, it doesn’t kill the fun), it boiled down to the following:

Olive Beach – where we’ve never been but heard much about the Sunday brunch
Caperberry – I was almost sold on the place but we were leaning towards trying a new cuisine, and continental food in Bangalore has been done to death anyways
Shiro – Japanese cuisine (we’d never tried it before) – score !, UB City food-court – score !, reviewers raving  about the interiors – umm, not a big fan of POP statues and bling, but curiosity got the better of me

So Shiro it was.

The high points of the dinner, apart from the food, was the service and the decor, which had just the right mix of drama and style, without overdoing the glitz and glitter. You enter the restaurant from the lift in the lobby of the UB City food court, and our maître d’ was very pleasant. The waiters and the manager lived up to the high standards of efficiency we had heard of.

If you at all live in Bangalore and read the Times weekend edition, chances are you already know how the inside of Shiro looks like. The famed 20 ft high buddha-sphinx-esque statue greets you on entry and red-bead partitions add to the fantasy experience.

What we had –

Sushi platter – assortment of 12 pieces
Hibachi rice
Chicken Laska
Kamikaze (shooter)
Baileys Irish cream on crushed ice

Coming to the food, the sushi was the first choice for our 1st course, but of course. When in Rome, you see. And when we finally had it, it was met with mixed reactions. The husband loved it and was in raptures, and as for me, well … here’s the thing … having been raised on spicy fish fry and sharp and tangy fish curries, raw fish on sticky rice was lost on me.

But the husband, a more refined connoisseur of milder flavors, loved the explosion of wasabi contrasting the mild taste of the red snapper. The soy-sauce based dip that came with the meal was also a big hit with him.

The main course was good, the Hibachi rice and the chicken won full marks for flavor and taste.

But the clincher for me was the kamikaze shooter. A potent and fiercely spicy drink, it was nothing like any kamikaze I’ve had before. I made the whole drink last me entire meal, and ended the meal with it, that delish it was.

At Shiro, a meal for two can come for anywhere between 2500-3500, for two courses and a drink each, without dessert. Try it for the sushi, or if you’re anything like me, skip the sushi and go for any seafood on the menu, its guaranteed to be good.


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