Chicken in wine (preferably the kind that is left over from a celebration!)

Chicken in red wine with steamed veggies and rice

Its supposed to be summer in all parts of the world, and summer, where I come from, means turning on the AC, or the overhead fan, piling bottles of water in the fridge. It most definitely does not mean wearing socks and a sweater indoors.  But Rotterdam, as it appears, is a very mercurial city. The weather changes nearly every 5 minutes. Imagine sitting in your woolens with an overcast sky outside, watching the trees shaking in the wind when suddenly the sun comes out and you are reminded of summer in the beach-side state of Goa that you come from. And just as you are basking in the sunlight, the clouds decided to change their mind and push their way into your summer-inspired reverie.

But lets stop talking about the sun and the clouds now and talk about food. Here’s a quick-fix dinner that I prepared yesterday:

Chicken in wine with Steamed Veggies and Rice.

Without getting into the details of the recipe (which actually never existed, and came from the top of my mind), here’s what went into it:

Chicken (I used legs/drumsticks), Red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) – around 1/2 a glass to 500 gms of chicken, onions, olive oil, sauteed garlic, ground black pepper, garam masala, tomato puree (1 tea-spoon to 500 gms chicken).

Veggies (preferably cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, peas)

Steamed rice.

Cook up, plate up, eat up, enjoy !!


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