Chicken curry for São João

Sao Jao or the feast of St John the Baptist is celebrated on 24th June every year. For the spirited youth of Goa, this is typically celebrated by jumping into wells to commemorate the onset of monsoons. I’m not too familiar with the origins of the custom, but I am sure of one thing – the celebration advocates gluttony in the form of eating meat and seafood, lots of it.

So lets then blame Sao Jao for any excess pounds gained this weekend!

This chicken curry is a deviation from traditional goan cooking, and combines my mom’s Kerala-style chicken curry  recipe with some goan flourishes.

What went into it:

Chicken Drumsticks (chicken on the bone is preferable, since the bone soaks up the juices of the curry and the marrow adds to the taste), potatoes (diced), ground onion, tomato pulp

Spices: Bay leaf, cloves, ginger-garlic paste, ground green chillies, red chilly powder

Gravy: Coconut milk, vinegar

A pinch of sugar goes well with coconut milk and tomatoes.

Served with steamed rice.

Happy monsoons everyone !


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