Mint and yughurt chicken curry…

The North Sea Jazz festival is right now doing the rounds of the city, and this weekend, when we went grocery shopping at the Blaak market, we walked right into a live jazz concert bang in the middle of the market square. People were breaking into impromptu jigs right in the marketplace itself. The whole atmosphere was so festive, that we grabbed some fries and a burger and sat right there on a bench with our shopping bags and enjoyed the music.

But then, these huge-mutant like gulls flew down and began eying my fries, which led me to throw them down shriek and run right into a men’s loo, but that’s a story for another day.

On that festive note, we got back home, and I decided to try a recipe from a cook-book I picked up at Delhi airport last month. Cammelia Pubjabi’s “50 Great Curries of India”.  The recipe is quite different in that it doesn’t call for cream or rich thickening agents, and relies on the flavors of mint and yoghurt largely for its richness.

Below: Cast of ingredients used

The finished product was perfect, and one of the best chicken curries I’v had, modesty be damned :-). The picture doesn’t really do much justice, but the husband gave it two thumbs up, and so did I.


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