No-bake blueberry cheesecake …. to get over the OTG withdrawal syndrome

Having left my oven behind in Bangalore, I see myself planning to cook a special something every weekend, and almost always I start longing for my oven. Its come to the point that on weekends, I see myself yelling every now and then from the kitchen to the hubby in living room “You know, if I had my Morphy Richards, I could have made roast chicken today, yada pie or yada cake…” the hubby has learned to take it in his stride and usually drowns my weepy voice out with his PS2.

I’d had enough of my weepy voice myself. So I scoured the internet for no-bake cake recipes. And cheesecake is one of such that can be made without need for an oven. Its amazing what a little gelatine and whipped cream can  do. And when I saw this amazing blueberry cheesecake recipe, I had found my Holy Grail. For the uninformed, a BB cheesecake is something I can trade my shoes for. The hubby had got a 2 kg BB cheesecake as my birthday cake a couple of years back. All 8 of us friends who called in my birthday together had our first piece and died and went to heaven… and then came back to finish the rest of it.

Here’s the recipe I used:

No-bake blueberry cheesecake

Only variation – Instead of using ready-made blueberry sauce/jam/preserve, I made my own sauce:

Heat 300 ml of any juice, I used mixed fruit. Add blueberries to it and let the mixture come to a boil. Stir in some sugar and lemon juice if you like a citrus-y flavor.  Let the sauce thicken and achieve a sauce-like consistency.

The cast of characters that went into this piece of pure joy:

Pouring the sauce over the set cheesecake:

The end result tasted as good as we hoped it would turn out to be, although I would have preferred to have used more gelatine, since the cake was a tad too soft. A cheesecake had to hold its shape and this one had a little trouble in standing up once served. But it was delicious nonetheless!



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