Kappa and Meen Curry

“Kappa” or the cassava tuber, when cooked with a pinch of salt and mustard seeds, does things to a Malayali that no other tuber can. Back home, a potluck usually meant friends/cousins coming home with a pot of cooked Kappa and mummy dishing up beef fry to go with it. So, when I picked up […]

An ode to Chai…

5:30 am. Tejal woke up grouchy and moody. It didn’t help that it was a Monday morning, and that her stomach was rumbling, reminding her of Sunday night’s rum and coke binge that lasted till the wee hours. Why she preferred rum-and-coke over a glass of Pinot Noir or even a vodka and OJ (which […]

Eating out in Cologne

What comes to mind when you say Germany? Beer (obscene amounts of it) and sausages would be first on my list. So when we went to Koln, these were must-haves on our list. Staying with a friend who knows German and who knows the right places to eat and drink at helps a lot. Although […]