Chole (Chickpeas in spices)

You may not see too much of North Indian food (by which I mean Punjabi, Sindhi, Bengali, Mughal, etc)on this blog, mainly because I am not very familiar with the cooking techniques involved. And a dish such as Punjabi Chole is a very by-the-book dish and doesn’t have much scope for experimentation.

So any purists reading this, please don’t take umbrage at my method of making chole. A traditional pindi chole recipe calls for steeping the chickpeas with tea bags over-night, so that the peas take on a dark hue. But here, I’v skipped this step and stuck to what I am familiar with. The resultant dish is perhaps more tangy than usual, but take my word, it tastes pretty damn fine.

Here it goes, enjoy!

Punjabi Chole:

Kabuli Channas/Garbanzo Beans/Chickpeas – 300 gms
Cumin seeds – 8-10
Cloves – 5
Dried red Kashmiri chillies – 5
Cardamon stick – 1/4″
Bay Leaf – 1
Cinnamon Stick – 1″ pc
Ginger and garlic paste (best is freshly crushed) – 1.5 teaspoons
Onions – 1, finely diced
Turmeric powder – 1tsp
Tomato puree – 1.5 cup
Chole Masala – 1 tbsp
Chaat Masala – 1/2 tsp
Amchur/Dry Mango Powder – 1/2 tsp

Boil Chole/Chickpeas along with in a pressure cooker with 3 cups water for around 3 whistles till just cooked.
On medium low heat, heat the pan first dry roast the cumin seeds, cloves, red chillies, bay leaf and cardamon stick for a minute. The grind the roasted spices to a fine powder.

Back to the pan, heat oil, and add ginger-garlic paste to the hot oil. Add diced onions after a minute and fry till onion turns opaque. Add turmeric powder and fry for some time till it becomes light brown. Add the dry roasted spice powder and fry for 2 minutes.

Add tomato puree and cook till the puree thickens. Now add chole masala and amchur powder and cook for 2 minutes. Add the boiled chickpeas and the leftover water used to cook the chickpeas. Add salt to taste. Cook the Chole/Chana with gravy for 8-12 min’s till the gravy thickens.

Garnish with chopped coriander or diced onion.

Note: Chole tastes best when had a day after it is made.


2 thoughts on “Chole (Chickpeas in spices)

  1. what a coincidence..i just got a can of chickpeas this morning and made a channa curry 🙂
    thank you so much for dropping by my blog..u have a gorgeous space here:)

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