How do you like your breakfast pancakes? – II

Taking off from my last post on pancakes (yaaay for pancakes!!), here are some more ideas on playing around with that gorgeous Sunday brunch….

You could make them out of multi-grain flour, topped with sliced figs, and a drizzle of honey !

Or you could make a basic bechamel sauce* (white sauce) and saute chopped mushrooms, carrots and cauliflower in garlic. Top the pancake with the sauteed vegetables, pour over the bechamel sauce and there you go!

Recipe for Bechamel Sauce:
2 teaspoons all-purpose-flour (maida)
1.5 teaspoon butter
1 cup milk
pepper and salt to taste
Assorted herbs to taste

In a pan, heat the butter on a very low flame. As soon as it melts, add flour and saute till flour turns light brown. Now add the milk slowly, stirring while you add. Continue heating till the milk thickens. Add salt, pepper and dried herbs and cook till the sauce is done.

For a basic pancake recipe, click here.


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