The Christmas Market at Dusseldorf

I’m headed back to Bangalore in a few days and we’ve been trying to pack in as much on weekends as we possibly can. Last weekend we made a quick day trip to Dusseldorf to see the Christmas market there. A pair of words could never sound better – “Christmas” and “Market” !!! Whooppee! All the way in the train to Germany, carols were going off in my head. Although this time of year is waaaaaay ahead of when we usually start planning for Christmas in my family, I was more than happy to leap onto the early festive wagon.

So, Germany has Christmas markets starting November in all major cities. Dusseldorf has one of the earliest markets, and its the closest to the Germany – Netherlands border.I’m not sure how the markets originated, but Wikipedia tells me that these markets started showing up somewhere during the middle ages. This probably caught on and became popular over time. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see no paid advertisements and plastics banners anywhere, it was such a contrast from the festivals / fairs etc that I’m used to seeing back home.

On the contrary, the market was every bit the winter wonderland it promised to be.

We had read up about the markets and the food (the first thing I googled to check), and I knew before we went that mulled wine (called Gluhwein in German), or wine cooked with spices, was on my list of must-eat/drink. We tried the mulled wine with rum, it had a soothing, warm comforting taste almost like it was patting our heads and saying “there, there”. Or maybe that was the rum talking !

Don’t you love these little knick knacks that you get at fairs? I was happily clicking away at every second stall, felling like a kid in a Christmas market, oh wait, that’s right, I was in a Christmas market (cue for carols to start playing in head).

Some adorable candles, who would be cruel enough to light these ?

I wanted to take this shop that you see below home with me. Would have stomped my feet and thrown up a tantrum if that had worked with the hubby. But he shushed me by handing me a bratwurst (sausage) sandwich. That took my mind off.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

One of the many many shops selling gingerbread hearts with icing.

Towards night these beautiful stars glowed all over (only wish I had a better picture of them).


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