Full Circle

The rattling woke up Rimmi. She had just begun to drift off to sleep, something that didn’t happen too often on the several times she was inside a metal tube, several thousand miles off the ground. “…the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign…” a sweet voice intoned, doing nothing to settle the […]

Cherry pie

Summer days in Switzerland can be very unpredictable. One day you’re sweating buckets and next, you’re pulling out sweaters from storage. What’s consistent though is the produce this time of year. Gorgeous summer berries top my list of summer favorites (that and splash fountains). We have started buying a kilo of cherries each time we […]

Boozy Cherry and Chocolate cake

Wishing all of you who stopped by to read this space a very happy and joyful new year! Here’s hoping that you make some wonderful food (and other) memories in 2013. In all aspects, 2012 has been a very eventful year for me, we took mini-vacations to some beautiful cities, I came back to Bangalore, […]

Caramelized Onion and Chicken Quiche

A comic-convection and a little girl’s 6-month birthday. My friend’s little baby completed a whole half year last month, and while the parents had a little family celebration, I decided to bake a little marble loaf because, you know what’s a milestone like this without some cake to go with it? The same weekend, my […]

Pomegranate Mousse-topped Chocolate Brownie

Fudgey-sticky-moist-rich-dense……its the devil itself. That’s what this dessert is all about, a layer of crumbly biscuit topped with a dense chocolate brownie, topped with thick pomegranate mousse with a hint of tang, and finally, glazed with strawberry preserve. There are days when desire strikes and a plain-Jane cake will just not do it for you. […]

Home-made Paneer

Whats better than a lazy Sunday lunch? A lazy Sunday lunch with friends peppered with long gossip sessions. And the ideal end to a lazy Sunday lunch? How about some thick mango milkshake… milkshake so thick, you need to spoon it out of the glass. Speaking of which, I’m loving the mango season so much […]